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Twelve years of commitment to research and innovation in Ageing


Fundación General CSIC premieres an audiovisual on Ageing that introduces the main milestones sponsored by the organization since it was created until the present day and presents the activities undertaken within the framework of its current strategic positioning. It was aired today, 7th July, on the Fundación General CSIC’s YouTube channel:

In regards of the growing importance of demographic ageing as a factor of shaping new societies and the global challenge of dealing with this situation, FGCSIC has, from the outset, developed a line of work on active ageing, which María Sanz Vicente (director of Science, Strategy and CSR at FGCSIC) talks about in this audiovisual, presented and hosted by the mathematician and science communicator Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón. Among other aspects, mention is made of R&D&I projects, seminars, reports, surveys, informative publications, videos, exhibitions and digital platforms. In addition, the audiovisual series “Towards a Healthy Longevity” is presented; it includes the achievements of the projects developed within the framework of the European project “Programme for a Long-lived Society”.

The second part is devoted to the release of the digital exhibition “A vivir que son 100 años” (“Let’s live to be 100 years old”). Based on the extraordinary success of the physical exhibition of the same name, FGCSIC has promoted the creation of this digital exhibition, backed by the collaboration of prestigious scientists who have actively participated in its production. The CSIC demographer and director of the Fundación General CSIC’s Committee of Experts on Ageing, Dolores Puga, closes this section by reflecting on the consequences of population ageing in modern societies.

The last part of the audiovisual focuses on the FGCSIC’s new strategy in the field of Ageing, embodied in the ESVITAL project, an initiative based on an alliance between FGCSIC and various public and private entities. It is aimed at creating intelligent spaces that provide an ecosystem of support and comprehensive care for the elderly based on advanced, transparent and invisible technologies that monitor their health without being invasive. The project is presented through a colloquium with the participation of some of its members: Ramón Torrecillas San Millán (Executive Director of Fundación General CSIC), Cristina Reig Gourlot (geriatrician and medical director of BC BIOCON S.A.) and Sergio Vidal Balaguer (CEO and founder of Goya Real Estate).