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Interview: Ramón Torrecillas in “EM Entremayores”

      In the interview published in EM Entremayores, Ramón Torrecillas talks about the current strategy of Fundación General CSIC in the field of active aging and Esvital. This is a multidisciplinary and collaborative project on sensorization and incorporation of technologies for the early detection of frailty, in which FGCSIC acts as a bridge […]

Twelve years of commitment to research and innovation in Ageing

  Fundación General CSIC premieres an audiovisual on Ageing that introduces the main milestones sponsored by the organization since it was created until the present day and presents the activities undertaken within the framework of its current strategic positioning. It was aired today, 7th July, on the Fundación General CSIC’s YouTube channel: In regards […]