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Active ageing

FGCSIC, aware of the important challenge represented by the phenomenon of an ageing population, as well as its relevant role in the strategies and lines of action of the different global research and innovation policies, has had a line of activity on Active Ageing since the very beginning.

It is a unique programme, with multiple approaches ranging from scientific research and knowledge transfer, to training and scientific dissemination, to address the challenge of ageing from a scientific, interdisciplinary and socio-economic impact perspective.

The Proyectos Cero in Ageing, in collaboration with Fundación “la Caixa”, the preparation of the R&D+i report on ageing and the organisation of various advanced meetings based on these topics are clear examples of FGCSIC's commitment to this line since it began.

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From 2018, the programme was strongly boosted by the awarding of two projects of the 2014-2020 Operational Programme for Cross-border Cooperation between Spain-Portugal (POCTEP [Programa Operativo de Cooperación Transfronteriza España‐Portugal]), funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): CENIE “International Centre on Ageing” in 2017 and PSL “Programme for a Long-Lasting Society” in 2019.

CENIE and PSL have made it possible to implement
various actions aimed at building an extensive network of shared multidisciplinary knowledge and promoting innovative initiatives to improve the understanding of the phenomenon of ageing and the prolongation of life:

1. Scientific-technological progress: 

2. Relationship between
science and society

The accelerated growth in the percentage of older people is transforming our society at the fastest rate ever experienced by mankind.

FGCSIC, through its Active Ageing programme, aims to channel scientific knowledge towards the solution of the challenges inherent to this phenomenon through companies, collaborators and sponsors that wish to join in this challenge.

At the same time, we maintain our efforts aimed at attracting competitive funds at national or European level for this purpose.

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