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Good Scientific Practices

A poor understanding of the practices that should guide the work of scientists and their commitment to the practical, ethical and intellectual challenges inherent in research sometimes leads to irregularities that can damage the social perception and prestige of science, researchers and their institutions.

For this reason, FGCSIC wishes to contribute to promoting a culture of scientific integrity and good practice as the foundations for responsible conduct in quality research and science in Spain.

Since 2018, FGCSIC has organised the Course on Good Scientific Practices
  • Training aimed at young researchers (doctoral students) that is set up as a comprehensive and essential component of their preparation and professional development in their scientific career.
  • The teaching team is made up of experts in the different subjects, most of whom are senior researchers belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).
  • 28 teaching hours of advanced training, including case study analysis, in which, through 11 teaching modules:
  • Fundamentals of scientific integrity are taught for an ethical development of research, avoiding undesirable practices.

  • The current complex scientific system, the obligations of the researcher and the relationships between scientists with other elements of the system and with society are analysed.

  • It is intended that researchers find clear reference elements for the proper exercising of their task, including the development of projects, execution of research, collection and processing of data, protection and communication of results, dissemination activities and assessment of research.


FGCSIC's Course on Good Scientific Practices
has the support and commitment of

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