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Science,and Talent

We materialise programmes in collaboration with entities that want to integrate scientific progress into their corporate strategy through topics of value for their social responsibility or business.

If your organisation


Believes in knowledge, talent and innovation as key factors in business competitiveness and social development.


Is committed to sponsorship as a winning investment strategy that favours your positioning from an economic and social impact point of view.

At FGCSIC we can channel your interests and materialise them into programmes of excellence centred on SCIENCE. This collaboration can nurture your business model, your social innovation policies, make you stand out as an organisation committed to scientific progress and expand your network of contacts in the science-innovation ecosystem.



You choose the areain which to invest

Scientific research, the guiding thread of our programmes, will serve to provide answers to issues that are a priority or strategic for your corporation, whether they are associated with your lines of business or with the challenges of society with which you identify, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, COVID-19, etc.

Based on these areas of interest, we will design a tailor-made programme for your organisation or you can join those that are already consolidated at FGCSIC and have proven success and impact. We encourage you to see examples of some of them on our website.

In any case, we propose comprehensive approaches ranging from attracting and retaining talent and supporting R&D&I projects to scientific communication, dissemination and training. We project our programmes in meetings and events at the highest level and with the best agents of the current science-technology-innovation system.


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Our experience,our best value

We develop collaborative projects with the guarantees offered by the FGCSIC due to its experience and extensive track record in the design and implementation of science-business-society programmes. 

We are responsible for the comprehensive management of all phases of the programme, always under a strict culture of monitoring, quality control, mutual feedback and accountability. Ultimately, we seek to create a climate of mutual trust in which all parties gain.

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The projects that we carry out in the Science and Talent department are often based on the valuation of the knowledge that is generated and developed at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), therefore, your collaboration with FGCSIC will allow you to also be linked to the CSIC, the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe, with a positive impact on your image and reputation.

Hand in hand with the best partner:

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High visibilityand impact

We give priority to ensuring that your commitment has the greatest possible visibility and impact, making all our communication and dissemination tools, as well as those of the CSIC, available to the collaboration programmes. News, videos, social networks, press conferences, events... all at the service of your organisation, so that we can generate a real impact together.

All of this withvery specialtax advantages

FGCSIC has been awarded recognition by the Ministry of Finance as an entity that performs Priority Sponsorship Activities. This means that if you are an entity that collaborates with us, you can benefit from an increase of five percent in the coefficients and limits on the deductions for gifts, donations and other contributions established in articles 19, 20 and 21 of Law 49/2002, of 23 December, on the tax regime for non-profit organisations and tax incentives for sponsorship, the law through which FGCSIC is governed.

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