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Fundación General CSIC (FGCSIC) is a private, non-profit organisation

It was created in 2008 by a joint institutional initiative of the Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC) and its founding patrons. Its goal is to promote public-private collaboration in the environment of scientific research, innovation and knowledge enhancement. This collaboration can be developed within the framework of initiatives that promote scientific knowledge and research talent, innovation and investment, through various instruments that FGCSIC has developed to invest in CSIC's broad portfolio of scientific and technological capabilities.

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  • We materialise collaborative programmes that promote scientific knowledge and research talent as levers for innovation and sustainable development.

  • We offer solutions to your organisation’s innovation needs, putting the scientific and technological capabilities of the Spanish National Research Council at your disposal.

  • Check out the open or already completed calls and events associated with the different FGCSIC actions here. Sign up and benefit from the grants and activities that we offer!

FGCSIC Details

  • Date ofincorporation

    FGCSIC, with Tax ID (NIF) G-85562106, was incorporated indefinitely through a deed granted by the Notary of Madrid, Mr Santiago Rubio Liniers, on 23 July 2008, under number 1643 of his Protocol.

  • Protectorateof affiliation

    FGCSIC registered with the Foundations Protectorate of the Ministry of Education on 23 January 2009, under registration number 1104.

  • Regulation

    FGCSIC is included among those regulated by Law 50/2002, of 26 December, on Foundations, and in Article 16 of Chapter I of Heading III of Law 49/2002, of 23 December, on the tax regime for non-profit organisations and tax incentives for sponsorships.

  • Established purposes

    As established in Article 6 of its By-laws, “Fundación General del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (FGCSIC) is constituted with the fundamental mission of cooperating with it. In particular, its main objective is to attract private funding for the development of public-private initiatives at the CSIC and other public R&D entities, linked to the functions entrusted to them”.


It is the highest governing, representative and administrative body of the Foundation.

It adopts its agreements by majority vote and performs the functions corresponding to it, subject to the provisions of the By-laws and the legal system. Its composition is as follows:

  • Chairwoman

    Ms Eloísa del Pino Matute (CSIC)

    Chairwoman of the CSIC

  • Secretary

    Mr Ignacio Gutiérrez Llano (CSIC)

    General Secretary of the CSIC

  • Members

    • Mr José María Martell Berrocal(CSIC)

      Vice-Chairman of Scientific and Technical Research

    • Ms Susana García Espinel(Banco Santander)

      Director of Santander Universidades and Universia España

    • Mr Antonio Vila Bertrán(Fundación “la Caixa”)

      Managing Director

    • Mr Antonio Pulido Gutiérrez (Cajasol)


    • Mr Raimundo Pérez-Hernández y Torra (Fundación Ramón Areces)

      Managing Director

Funding model

Fundación General CSIC receives financial support from its Board of Trustees. It is not a patrimonial foundation, nor does it have a budget supported by the Public Administration or by any parent institution, public or private.

Our funding model is based on external contributions, whether through sponsorship or patronage; those that come from raising competitive funds to carry out projects; those resulting from agreements signed with companies for the provision of services.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is set up as an advisory and consultancy instrument for FGCSIC to guide its activities towards the best fulfilment of its founding aims.

  • Helena Herrero Starkie

    Chairwoman and CEO of HP for Spain and Portugal

  • Susana Marcos Celestino

    Research Professor at the CSIC’s Optics Institute

  • Mónica Martínez Walter

    Chairwoman of the GMV business group

  • Salustiano Mato de la Iglesia

    Professor of Zoology at the University of Vigo

  • Rafael Rodrigo Montero

    Research Professor at the CSIC-INTA’s Astrobiology Centre

  • Juan María Vázquez Rojas

    Professor of Animal Medicine and Surgery at the University of Murcia


Para la Fundación General CSIC la transparencia es un pilar fundamental de nuestra actividad y forma parte de los principios fundacionales.

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