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Proyectos Cero

“Science for transforming society”

Fundación General CSIC's Proyectos Cero are an instrument of public-private collaboration that propose a comprehensive approach to the promotion and VALUATION OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH WITH A VOCATION TO TRANSFORM society.

Together with collaborating entities, we define topics with a strong scientific-technical and social impact around which we implement:
  • Research projects to be developed at excellent and unique public research organisations with frontier perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches.

  • Dissemination actions that awaken the fascination and ambition for greater knowledge by citizens in the chosen subjects.

  • 3.

This JOINT EFFORT allows certain areas of interest or strategic positioning for a company to be promoted at the highest level, outside the traditional funding channels, whilst at the same time making society aware of their importance, of the knowledge available so far and, above all, of the application possibilities that can be achieved for a COMMON FUTURE BENEFIT.

Banco Santander and Fundación “la Caixa” have been promoters of FGCSIC’s Proyectos Cero.

Banco Santander promoted five projects based around the protection and preservation of threatened or endangered animal or plant species. Fundación “la Caixa” supported another five projects in psychosocial and technological studies aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly.

  • Proyecto CeroThreatened Species
  • Proyecto CeroAgeing

These are some of the details
that summarise their impact

  • 10 collaborative frontier research projects

  • 112 researchers involved from 41 scientific institutions

  • Over 80 works published in prestigious scientific journals

  • 11 doctoral theses

  • 190 communications presented at national and international congresses

  • A multitude of informative events and materials (high-level events, videos, promotional material, etc.)

  • Constant appearance in the media

  • Awards and recognitions

At FGCSIC, we would like to know your priority areas of strategic interest or social action in order to jointly design the next edition of Proyectos Cero.

This action, based on research and innovation, will make visible your commitment to a more advanced, fair and sustainable society.

Overall returns on Proyectos Cero

  • Compliance with CSR strategy
  • Promotional and informative material
  • Scientific-technological progress
  • Special tax deductions
  • Corporate positioning in appealing topics for the public
  • Informative content to connect with society
  • Reputation, image and visibility

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