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“ComFuturo, a public-private collaboration committed to science and the future”.

A prosperous and advanced country needs to ensure the generational renewal of scientific researchers who provide real, sustainable and innovative solutions to the productive fabric and to society. And the conventional ways of consolidating scientific careers are not always enough.

In order to contribute to this goal, in 2014, FGCSIC launched the ComFuturo programme, an acronym in Spanish for “A public-private collaboration committed to science and the future”, an alliance with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and leading private entities to attract and retain the best young research and entrepreneurial talent in the Spanish R&D+i system.

ComFuturo is based on three pillars
  • A highly competitive process selects scientific profiles of excellence that also provide capacities and initiatives for the transfer of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Over three years, researchers develop innovative and market-oriented projects at centres of Spain’s largest research institution, the CSIC.

  • Companies committed to the values represented by science contribute economically to the programme, whilst gaining access to new knowledge and entrepreneurial talent.


ComFuturo is a social responsibility initiative that integrates the best of public research with the applicability and transfer demanded by a company. Visit the ComFuturo website for more details


  • 45 researchers selected from over 500 applications

  • 45 innovative scientific projects

  • 174 scientific publications

  • 230 works presented at national and international congresses

  • 8 patent applications and 1 utility model

  • Consolidation of scientific careers

  • Organisation of high level events

  • Constant appearance in the media

  • National and international recognitions

Contact us to become a collaborating company in ComFuturo

Collaborating entities

Fundación CSIC
Fundación Cepsa
Fundación Domingo Martín
Fundación Jesús Serra
Aguas de Ibiza
Logotipo de la comisión europea

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement Nº 101034263.


  • Compliance with CSR strategy
  • Special tax deductions
  • Alliance with the CSIC
  • Reputation, image and visibility
  • Access to sources of innovation: new talent and knowledge
  • Positioning in issues of social and industrial interest

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