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Innova -tion

We develop links between market demands and the scientific capabilities of the CSIC in order to support the exploitation of its research results.

FGCSIC, as a non-profit private law entity, has a series of characteristics that provide great strategic value to the activities and goals of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in terms of promoting innovation:

  • Agility in decision-making and in the execution of actions.
  • Fluency in formal and informal relations with the private sector.
  • Positioning and participation in collaborative and influential networks in the public and private sector at national and international level.

We promote strategic collaboration with entities with a strong multiplier effect (business associations, technology platforms, clusters, hubs, etc.), allowing us to understand the needs and demands of each sector in order to develop an alignment with the CSIC's innovative capacities and projects.

Co-creation, multidisciplinarity and evaluation of scientific research.

At FGCSIC, we promote public-private collaboration between the CSIC and the business sector and we raise private and public funds to promote innovation originating from scientific research as a driving force for social and business development.

This activity has a noticeable multidisciplinary and collaborative nature, through a series of actions that make it possible to value innovation and ideas that are developed in cooperation between actors of our innovation ecosystem, both public and private:

  • Support and accompaniment in the creation, consolidation and acceleration of Technology-Based Companies
  • Advice on the protection and management of knowledge
  • Search for public and private, national and international funding for the development of collaborative projects
  • Development of competitive surveillance reports
  • Development of open innovation ecosystems for the promotion of innovative projects

All of this with very special tax advantages

On the one hand, collaborations with FGCSIC may obtain deductions in corporate tax, between 42% and 50% of R&D+i expenses and investments in innovative projects, or a bonus on Social Security contributions for research staff for 40% of the business fee.

We will help you to find the best tax advantages adapted to your needs and to each project in which we collaborate.

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  • Business support for TBSs

  • Competitive surveillance

  • EIC Project Consultant