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Lecture by Professor Pulickel Ajayan at the Ramón Areces Foundation


On June 7th, Professor Pulickel Ajayan (Rice University, USA) will give a lecture entitled “Nanoengineering Materials: Challenges and Opportunities” in the Auditorium of the Ramón Areces Foundation. To attend the event, which will be free of charge and will include simultaneous translation, prior registration is required. This activity has been organized by the Ramón Areces Foundation and Fundación General CSIC together.

Best known for his pioneering work in designing and carrying out the first experiments to intentionally manufacture nanotubes, Ajayan is one of the pioneers in the field of nanotechnology. Over the past two decades, he has published more than 400 papers on various aspects of carbon nanostructures, mainly on nanotubes, and recently on graphene and other layered materials such as boron nitride. Ajayan’s research interests focus on the development of nanomaterials for a variety of applications, including energy storage, composites, electronics and sensors. His publications have garnered more than 68,000 citations on Google Scholar and an h-index of 120 as of September 2015.

Ajayan’s research group, which focuses on the study of various materials for environmental applications, has created the darkest known material, a carpet of carbon nanotubes, which reflects only 0.045% of light. Among his main achievements, the development of a hybrid material capable of effectively removing pollutants from water by coating sand with carbon; or the generation of a macroscale carbon nanotube sponge, which selectively absorbs oil from an oil-water mixture, deserves special mention.

Current research interests of this eminent researcher include nano-enabled energy storage devices (batteries, supercapacitors and hybrid devices), nanocomposites, layered materials, 3D nanostructured materials and smart material systems.




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