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We aspire to generate useful knowledge for the market and society through an innovative public-private collaboration model.

When we moved on from the concept of “generating knowledge for society” and started to demand “generating useful knowledge for society”, we asked ourselves at FGCSIC, how can we achieve this?

In a world that has been labelled with the term VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environment of conditions and situations, what is clear is that the collaboration and financing processes performed to reach the market and society have to be processes of public-private cooperation.

The excellent knowledge and new technologies that are developed within public research organisations, such as the CSIC and at Universities, can only show their potential if they become appealing to the industry, to companies or to intermediate investors and, to do that, funding is required.

FGCSIC has created an innovative public-private collaboration model through the promotion of a Venture Capital Entity and its Management Company, both of which are governed and managed under market conditions (CNMV).




A technology transfer structure that has a broader multidisciplinary team than traditional funds by incorporating professionals from fields such as science, intellectual property, regulation and business management.

Primer plano de unas manos señalando unos gráficos colocados sobre una mesa.


An Investment Vehicle specialising in the implementation of technological projects based at the CSIC and its environment, which guarantees the provision of sufficient financial, human and management resources to support the projects during their maturation period.

Hombre con unas gafas de realidad virtual que mueve las manos con una maqueta de un edificio frente a él.
Hombre con unas gafas de realidad virtual que mueve las manos con una maqueta de un edificio frente a él.

The Investment Vehicle, with public and private funding, is specifically aimed at very early stages of business development, investing in results, projects or start-ups from the CSIC and its environment that require proof of concept or are at a pre-seed, seed or post-seed level.

The ultimate goal of this instrument is to take these start-ups to subsequent investment rounds, where they can be financed by more conventional venture capital/private equity investors or encourage co-investment by other funds.

Esquema de desarrollo de cómo funcionan los proyectos que  llegan a la Fundación general CSIC.

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