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Fundación General CSIC visits the Lilly R&D centre, in Alcobendas (Madrid), with the aim of strengthening its public-private collaboration in favour of science


Representatives of Fundación General CSIC have visited the Lilly R&D centre in Alcobendas with the aim of getting to know its facilities, as well as exploring future avenues of public-private collaboration in favour of science.

The meeting was attended by Ramón Torrecillas, Director General of the Fundación General CSIC; Paloma Domingo, Deputy Director; and María Sanz, Director of Science, Strategy and CSR. Lilly was represented by Nabil Daoud, President of Lilly Spain, Portugal and Greece; José Antonio Sacristán, Medical Director of Lilly and Director of the Fundación Lilly; Teresa Millán, Director of Corporate Affairs; and Juan Velasco, Scientific Director.

Lilly is currently one of the entities participating in the Fundación General CSIC’s ComFuturo programme, which intends to encourage European research and innovation capacity for excellence by attracting and supporting the professional development of the best international research talent. Lilly is also collaborating in various research projects with the Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas).

During his visit, Ramón Torrecillas, General Director of Fundación General CSIC, thanked Lilly for its commitment to ComFuturo since the programme’s inception and stressed the need to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in order to ensure that science has a greater impact on the economy and society.

For his part, Nabil Daoud expressed Lilly’s interest in getting involved in public-private initiatives that support science and innovation in our country and, in the same way, promote the talent of young people, because “by supporting science and knowledge, we will contribute to a future of well-being and progress for the next generations”.