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CEIM and Fundación General CSIC extend their agreement to promote public-private collaboration actions in R&D&I and digitalization

 CEIM Confederación Empresarial de Madrid-CEOE and Fundación General CSIC have signed today an extension of the agreement signed in 2018 to promote public-private collaboration in matters related to R&D&I and digitisation at the CSIC Scientific Library.

Specifically, the agreement seeks to boost cooperation between the scientific world and companies through joint activities; supporting actions to promote and disseminate initiatives in the framework of R&D&I and digitisation, as well as to explore lines of communication and collaboration between the CSIC’s research centres and CEIM.

After a welcome by Pura Fernández (Deputy Vice-President for Scientific Culture and Director of Editorial CSIC) and Marina Villegas (CSIC institutional delegate in the Community of Madrid), and a visit to the CSIC Scientific Library, the agreement was signed by the General Secretary of CEIM, Sara Molero, and the Executive Director of the FGCSIC, Ramón Torrecillas. During the event, which was also attended by Raúl Natividad, President of the CEIM Innovation, Digitalisation and Information Society Commission, and Jorge Cabero, Director of Innovation at Fundación General CSIC, it was emphasised that this agreement is an essential working tool to strengthen the link between the scientific and business worlds.

The General Secretary of CEIM, Sara Molero, stressed the importance of R&D&I in contributing to the competitiveness of companies today, and the appropriateness of the timing of this agreement, which reinforces public-private collaboration and the transfer of research results to companies.

Ramón Torrecillas, for his part, pointed out that the renewal of this agreement with CEIM reinforces the mission of the Fundación General CSIC as a promoter of public-private collaboration and constitutes an important boost to foster innovation through cooperation between the research centres linked to the CSIC’s Institutional Delegation in the Community of Madrid and the region’s productive sector.