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Technology Advisors Network

This network provides support and guidance to the FGCSIC. It is made up of experts from the CSIC and other entities working on the science, technology and innovation field. Their main purpose is to make the foundation's activities relevant, impartial, solvent and accurate.

This network of collaborators is committed to the objectives, values and activities of the FGCSIC:

  • Avelino Corma Canós
  • Felipe Criado Boado
  • Ignacio Fernández de Lucio
  • Miguel Ferrer Baena
  • Juan Manuel García Ruiz
  • José Luis Huertas Díaz
  • Daniel Ramón Vidal
  • Juan Luis Ramos Martín
  • Rafael Rodríguez Clemente
  • Enrique Tortosa Martorell