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Report on R&D on automotive energy


Energy consumption is responsible for three of the problems of our time: excessive energy dependence, the exhaustion of the main traditional sources of energy, and high levels of pollution. Thus, one of society’s major challenges this century is to mitigate its effects. Striking a balance between measures that are energy efficient and cost-effective is therefore one of society's challenges today.

The Fundación General CSIC promotes studies on energy and automotive technology and the search for new solutions. In this context the FGCSIC has published its report on R&D in the energy and automotive technology field: Informe sobre la I+D en energía y automoción. This ten-chapter report aims to give an overview both of the sector’s needs today, and those that may emerge in the future.

According to the report, approximately 10% of research groups in Spain are working on issues relevant to automotive energy in one way or another. Of these research lines, 26% are dedicated to efficiency in transport, emission reduction and social aspects, a further 19% of the groups in the field are working on fuel cells, and 17% are working on research in biomass/biofuels and materials. Analysing the data using geolocalisation shows the regions of Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia to have the strongest presence of research groups in the automotive energy field.

This analysis was accompanied by a foresight survey on automotive energy R&D. More than 75% of the survey’s respondents were in favour of high priority being given to automotive energy research, particularly due to its impact in terms of sustainability, as well as for the economy and society. Specifically, they called for more research to improve energy efficiency, develop new fuels and reduce emissions.

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