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Online survey on automotive energy


The Fundación General CSIC is continuing its line of science and technology foresight activities with the launch of an on-line survey on R&D and innovation in energy in the automotive industry.

Our current excessive dependence on fossil fuels, the depletion of oil reserves, and high levels of CO2 emissions, make the topic of energy and energy sustainability one of the key concerns of our time.

Energy consumption is closely bound up with the transport sector, and the use of new forms of energy to power our vehicles has huge economic and social repercussions. To accompany its strategic line on Ecology and human development, the FGCSIC has prepared a report on R&D and innovation in energy in the automotive industry, which is due to be published at the end of the year.

The analysis of the results of the survey currently being launched, and which has been publicised widely at national and international level, will be an invaluable complement to the analysis in the report.