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Microsites on Ageing and Endangered Species


Microsites sobre Envejecimiento y Especies amenazadas

In order to provide specific information about its Aging and Threatened species strategic lines the Fundación General CSIC has set up microsites on each of these topics, which are directly accessible from its website.

The microsites are subdivided into five blocks. The Home page gives an overview of the main points and new content to be found on the microsite. News highlights the latest information. The Activities page outlines what the Fundación General CSIC is doing in each strategic line. The Proyectos Cero page brings together all the information produced in relation to the call for proposals, from the start of the registration period through to the funding decision, and includes descriptions of the funded projects, the members of the research teams and promotional material associated with and generated by each project. Finally, the Resources section lists multimedia material and documents for each strategic line, particularly those produced by the FGCSIC. This final block also includes links to other material of interest.

The Fundación General CSIC aims to extend this initiative to its other two strategic lines, Human ecology and development and Frontiers, to facilitate access to the contents of all actions and resources generated by its strategic lines.


Threatened Species: