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Lychnos. Digital Edition


Fundación General CSIC has launched a digital edition of Lychnos, its quarterly science journal for non-specialists, which is published in print form in both Spanish and English.

Lychnos. Edición Digital

This new format translates the look and feel of the print publication to digital media, enabling users to access its contents more easily and conveniently. Its clear structure and abundant links make it possible to navigate through the various sections of the electronic edition of Lychnos with ease, and so relate the information and get an overview both of each issue and the whole range of material published.

Lychnos, Digital Edition is divided into eight sections. The Home page lists the contents of the current issue in the form of a series of links. Navigating other content is enabled by the past issues, articles, interviews, authors, and news and forum sections, with a clear and easy-to-use design enabling users to look up information by topic, author, genre, etc.

The online edition of Lychnos also offers the option to download the complete issues of the journal in Spanish or English in pdf format as well as print out articles and interviews. This is backed up by a search engine, offering searches by keyword, author, year of publication and subject.

With Lychnos the Fundación General CSIC aims to create an open space for reflection and debate, addressing issues relevant to individuals and society from the perspective of R&D. We are confident that the digital version of this publication will contribute to wider dissemination of its contents.