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The Fundación General CSIC is due to conduct phase two of the strategic plans for the MICINN


The Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN), through its Sub-Directorate General for Scientific and Technological Infrastructure Planning, has entrusted the task of completing and optimising its strategic plans for its special scientific and technical facilities (ICTSs) to the Fundación General CSIC. This initiative represents the second phase of the planning process and builds on that carried out between 2008 and 2009, in which the Fundación General CSIC took charge of the design, coordination and international evaluation of the strategic plans for the ICTSs over the period 2010-2103.

Given the detailed view of each facility’s current and anticipated future activity the strategic planning exercise provides, the Ministry of Science and Innovation intends to extend the process to all the facilities that were not included in the first phase. This second phase also offers those facilities that were included in phase one the option to reformulate their proposed strategic plans.

The Fundación General CSIC’s accrued experience in analysing scientific institutions’ strategic requirements, defining formats and indicators, coordinating the process of drawing up and evaluating strategic plans, and implementing enhancements and simplifications to the computer tools, enables us to offer a solid, reliable and responsible service for the strategic planning of R&D. Thus, the Ministry of Science and Innovation has once again entrusted to the FGCSIC the task of guiding the strategic planning process for its special scientific and technical facilities, which are crucial components of the Spanish science and technology system.