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FGCSIC survey on R&D on ageing


The Fundación General FGCSIC, as part of its strategic line on ageing, has launched a survey aimed primarily at researchers and experts in the field, the results and analysis from which will carry on from the foundation’s report on R&D on the subject of ageing (Informe de la I+D sobre envejecimiento) and look in more depth at some of the issues it raised. The main goal of this initiative is to collect input for a scientific foresight study to help paint possible scenarios for research into human ageing over the next two decades.

FGCSIC survey on R&D on ageingThe FGCSIC’s survey on R&D on the subject of ageing will make it possible to gather views from the people closest to the research activity, namely researchers in the field, with access to inside information that is broader and further advanced than that which reaches the public through publications. We are interested in capturing this imprecise information characteristic of nascent trends.

Predicting where research on a topic as important as human ageing is likely to be heading in the future will enable resource planning to be optimised and serve as a guide to help orient researchers on the direction of their research. It may also enable researchers in other areas, even those relatively remote from the topic, to identify ways in which they can contribute to the subject of ageing.

All researchers, in any area, working in the public or private sector, nationally or internationally, are invited to take part in this initiative. The survey is presented online via an Internet application.