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FGCSIC launches its Laboratories initiative


The president of the Fundación General CSIC, Rafael Rodrigo, announced on 19 September the launch of the first «Laboratorio FGCSIC,» which will be led by the mathematician Charles Fefferman and hosted by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT), a joint centre belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and three public universities in Madrid: the Autonomous University, the Carlos III University and the Complutense University.

Laboratorios FGCSIC is a multihybrid action in which a number of institutions are taking part:

  • Fundación General CSIC is managing the laboratory’s funding, in particular its day-to-day running expenses and the cost of hiring the principal investigator.
  • A commercial sponsor.
  • A host institution will be providing the space for the laboratory, including access to all its facilities.

Charles Louis Fefferman, from Princeton University, winner of the Fields in 1978 for his work in mathematical analysis.