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The FGCSIC is collaborating with MIT on the tr35 Prizes in Spain


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), through its publication Technology Review, aims recognise top innovators in Spain under the age of 35.

Technology Review is launching the TR35 Prizes for the first time in Spain, in collaboration with a group of institutions including Fundación General CSIC, in order to select the best talent in the innovation field among Spaniards or foreigners living in Spain. The TR35 Spain initiative is sponsored by the BBVA’s Innovation Centre and coordinated by Opinno, Open Innovation.

The panel of judges will select the top ten innovators aged under 35 whose technical work has been successfully applied in recent years or which has big potential for development over the coming decades. One of them will be chosen as the Innovator of the Year and another as the Solidarity Innovator of the Year.

The TR35 prizes are internationally prestigious and are a highly effective way of discovering young talent. Past winners of the TR35 award in the United States include Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

The areas of interest vary widely, from biotechnology, art and entertainment, through to software development, semiconductors, transport, energy, or research into new materials, among others.

Candidates can be nominated by colleagues in their professional or academic environment, and the deadline for nominations is 19 June 2011. Nominations should be made via the TR35 website

The award ceremony will take place at the MIT Technology Review conference on Emerging Technologies (Emtech), due to be held in Málaga on 26-27 October 2011.