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Evaluation of INTA’s Strategic Plans


During the last week of January the on-site phase of the evaluation of the 2011-2015 Strategic Plans prepared by the various functional units of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial, INTA) took place. Through the ƐINTA project, Fundación General CSIC (FGCSIC),was in charge of the design, coordination and supervision of the overall process, including both the preparation and evaluation of the strategic plans.

To undertake this work the FGCSIC set up twelve evaluation panels, which assessed the INTA’s scientific and technical units, along with its horizontal units and general management. These panels comprised experts selected by the FGCSIC, the National Evaluation Agency (ANEP) and the INTA, from national bodies (such as the CDTI, Airbus Spain, universities, etc.) and international organisations (such as NASA and the German Aerospace Centre).

The process of evaluating the strategic plans was designed to have a two-stage structure. The first was carried out remotely. The evaluators consulted the Strategic Plans proposed by the INTA online using a web application created specifically set up for this project. In this phase, which took place between 15 November and 31 December, 135 evaluators were involved, 35 of whom hailed from prestigious international institutions.

The second phase took place on-site at the INTA’s facilities in the last week of January. In this phase, 30 national and international experts took part in meetings, interviews and visits to the various INTA units, and drew up their final evaluation reports on each of them.

The INTA will now revise and adjust its strategic planning for the period 2011-2015 in the light of the evaluations, recommendations and guidelines received from the expert panels.

From left to right: General Ignacio Azqueta, INTA’s Deputy Director General for Coordination and Planning, Jaime Denis, Director General of INTA, and María Sanz, Director of the FGCSIC Strategies Unit.