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‘Envejecimiento en positivo,’ the Fundación General CSIC’s blog on Madri+d


The blog Envejecimiento en positivo (ageing positively) has been launched by the Fundación General CSIC as part of its efforts to raise the profile of its strategic lines, in particular in this case, that concerning ageing, disability and illness. The blog takes a look at the phenomenon of ageing from a positive angle, highlighting the achievement it represents for our society, due primarily to advances in a number of scientific and social areas.

The Fundación General CSIC’s Studies Unit is working on a report aiming to give an overview of R&D and innovation relating to the subject of ageing. This will situate the various policy measures to promote R&D and innovation on national, European and international levels in their context, and look at how they measure up to the real needs and demands of the elderly.

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