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Mission and values

The new Strategic Plan of the Fundación General CSIC was defined by its Board of Trustees on the meeting of the 19 September 2012 and ratified by this same governing body on the 12 December 2012. It outlines the drive to strengthen the role of the foundation as a useful instrument for Spanish knowledge society according to the goals and aspirations of the CSIC and its promoting bodies.

The new approach of the foundation’s strategic framework is shaped by a new mission built on three main ideas:

  • Stimulate the transfer of CSIC's knowledge from a pre-competitive position. The foundation identifies and structures the technological needs of companies and society in general, which are then addressed by the CSIC thanks to its know-how. It will also promote stable environments for partnerships between the public and private sector.
  • Encourage and channel private investment for R&D through patronage and sponsorship to support the scientific research carried out by the CSIC.
  • Promote at an international level the work carried out by the CSIC in the field of innovation.


By cultivating these three lines of action, the FGCSIC will be able to achieve its new vision:

            “Be the tool that enables the CSIC –in collaboration with social entities interested in the development of R&D&I in Spain– to become the meeting point for all the agents involved in science, technology and innovation, with the ultimate purpose of contributing to the growth of the Spanish productive system and answer the needs of our society, future and present”.