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Lychnos, a forum for scientific debate and reflection

Welcome to the digital edition of Lychnos. Notebooks of the Fundación General CSIC.

The name Lychnos –taken from a Greek word meaning a source of light– is a reference to the flame the Fundación General CSIC uses as its logo, and alludes to the fact that the journal’s raison d’être is to shine the light of scientific research onto the problems and questions confronting humanity today.

The journal Lychnos is part of the Fundación General CSIC efforts to bring science to the public. We intend to open up a space for debate and reflection in which we address issues of relevance to individuals and society from the R&D perspective. With a flexible and streamlined structure, Lychnos is committed to bringing rigorous high-quality science to an audience that is non-specialist but does have an interest in science and level of understanding of it typical of society today. We therefore have contributions from outstanding experts who have written popular science articles or given interviews on issues relating to their specialist field.

Lychnos began publication in June 2010. It is produced quarterly in electronic and print form, in Spanish and English.
We hope our journal will contribute to raising awareness in the business world and among the general public of the importance of scientific researcher for the overall development and progress of the economy and society. We are also sure that Lychnos will help put the Fundación General CSIC on the map as a forum in which research, business and society can meet and in which all the players in the system are represented.

We trust that it will be of interest to all our readers.

The FGCSIC Lychnos team

César Nombela Cano
Delegate Trustee of Fundación General CSIC

Reyes Sequera
Executive editor of Lychnos

Sira Laguna
Copy editor of Lychnos

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