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Threatened Species. Fundación General CSIC Strategic Line

2010 Proyectos Cero call for proposals – Threatened Species. Award decision

The Fundación General CSIC’s 2010 call for Proyectos Cero proposals on Endangered Species was launched on March 15 and the winning proposals were announced on October 7. Five projects have been selected, for which a budget of 1,085,000 euros has been pledged. Funding will provided by Banco Santander, the Spanish National Research Council (Agencia Estatal CSIC), supplemented with the Fundación General CSIC’s own resources.

A total of 41 applications were initially received in the form of expressions of interest, of which 32 came from various centres belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Of the twelve that were short-listed, eleven went on to compete in the second phase of the process. After a final assessment by the evaluation and selection committees, the Foundation decided to award funding to a total of five projects.

With its call for Proyectos Cero proposals on Endangered Species, the Fundación General CSIC’s goal is to promote and fund the running of high impact research projects aimed at protecting and preserving wildlife species that are threatened or endangered.


The five projects chosen are aligned with the philosophy of the FGCSIC’s Proyectos Cero, which is to promote unique and outstanding world-class research with a transdisciplinary perspective. The line is aimed at research groups with links to Spanish public R&D and is being run as a series of open calls for proposals in areas corresponding to the in the Foundation’s four main strategic lines: Threatened species; Ageing, disability and illness; Human ecology and development; and, Frontiers.

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