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Ageing. Fundación General CSIC Strategic Line

First call for FGCSIC Proyectos Cero proposals for projects on Ageing

Visit the Proyectos Cero on Ageing call for proposals website

The Fundación General CSIC has launched the first call for proposals for projects on Ageing under the Proyectos Cero programme, backed by Obra Social “la Caixa” and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Proyectos Cero on Ageing

The objective of the Proyectos Cero initiative is to promote top quality, unique and outstanding research that takes a transdisciplinary approach. This call for proposals, which accompanies the FGCSCIC’s strategic line on Ageing, aims to provide funding for studies into various pscyho-social issues affecting elderly people and research into technology focused on improving quality of life for the elderly (such as telemedicine, prosthesis, new materials, home automation, and robotics) and its impacts.

The start date for applications is 15 January. For more details, you can download the rules of the call for proposals.

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