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Three CSIC researchers obtain funding from the European Research Council

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Three research projects at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) have been awarded funding by the European Research Council through its annual grant scheme. Specifically, the funding has been awarded in the form of Advanced Grants, which contribute at least 3.5 million euros to each project over five years.

The selected CSIC proposals deal with topics relating to optics, neuroscience and graphene. In optics, the director of the CSIC’s Daza Valdés Optics Institute, Susana Marcos, will be in charge of a project on “Bio-inspired optical corrections of presbyopia," a condition commonly associated with ageing and sometimes referred to as “old eyes.”  Óscar Marín, a researcher at the Alicante Neurosciences Institute, will be leading a project on “Excitatory and inhibitory cell assemblies in the cerebral cortex.” Last but not least, Francisco Guinea, a researcher at the Madrid Materials Science Institute, is leading a research project into “Novel uses for graphene.”

The Institute of Evolutionary Biology (a CSIC-Pompeu Fabra University joint centre) has obtained another of the grants. The project, entitled “Distributed Computation in synthetic cellular consortia,” will be led by research Ricard Solé.

These four projects have been selected alongside 290 others from right across Europe, out of a total of 2,284 applications. The aim of these grants is to support novel and transgressive research opening up new avenues in the respective fields, and led by top researchers who are well-established in their field.

Source: CSIC


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