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Ageing. Fundación General CSIC Strategic Line

An optimistic view of ageing

Ageing, a Fundación General CSIC strategic line.
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With its strategic line on Ageing, the Fundación General CSIC aims to promote research and initiatives approaching the phenomenon from various angles. R&D on Ageing in Spain is aimed at a variety of audiences, but it is worth noting that there have been few attempts to address the issue in a transdisciplinary way. The majority of research to date has focused on specific aspects of the problem rather than take a holistic view of it.

For the Fundación General CSIC, ageing is a multifactorial and multifaceted issue. Multifactorial, because multiple factors determine and shape the ageing process; and multifaceted, because ageing has impacts in a wide range of areas (biomedical, social, psychological, economic, etc.).

The various activities the FGCSIC is running to accompany this strategic line include: FGCSIC seminar on ageing, a report on R&D in Spain, a video on ageing, the blog “Envejecer en positivo” and the 2011 Proyectos Cero call for proposals on Ageing.


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Carlos Gil Galvez
La UE-27 debe enfrentar nuevos y grandes desafiío, comani al 2050. La vejez-envejecimiento, es uno de ellos, otro es el tema del desempleo, otros es que se estan volviendo cada vez más pobres, en un contexto de elevado indice de envejecimiento y caída de la nataliad. Europa necesita desde ahora hasta el 2050 100 millones de emigrantes. Esta dispuesta a recibir esta oleada de emgrantes?


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