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FGCSIC Report on RTD relating to Ageing

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Population ageing is an important issue and increasingly features on the research and innovation policy agenda in the world’s main economies. The Fundación General CSIC has therefore produced a report offering an overview of the topic of ageing in the RTD field.

The report examines the various policies to promote RTD on ageing, and compares them with the actual needs of the over-65 population group. It also reflects the response from the scientific environment, highlighting the main areas of research on ageing and putting them into the national and international context. This information is complemented with a study of the business environment, centring on an analysis of the state of the art (patents) and case studies looking at technology companies that have successfully turned the results of their research projects into products. Finally, some conclusions are drawn, to help identify trends and future challenges facing society to respond adequately to the situation of ageing.

The FGCSIC report on Ageing includes an annex with an analysis of the Spanish institutions and bodies that are playing a significant role in research on this subject, developed using an in-house database gathering together information on the profile of the centres, the type of research activity they perform, their sources of funding, etc.


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