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After an itinerant journey of 5 years, the exhibition “Make the most of life, you’ve only got 100 years” has been inaugurated today in l’Alfàs del Pi

The exhibition “Make the most of life, you’ve only got 100 years” endorsed by Fundación General CSIC (FGCSIC) within the framework of the European project International Centre on Aging, can be seen from today until February 23 at the Cultural Space Escoles Velles in l’Alfàs del Pi (Alicante), thanks to the welcome provided by the City Council of this municipality.

“Make the most of life, you’ve only got 100 years”, which had the guidance of prominent experts in the field of aging for its production, was conceived from its inception as a traveling exhibition aimed at conveying a positive vision of the aging phenomenon. It began its journey in 2018 at the Science House Museum in Seville and has since toured different cities and locations: Valladolid, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Pontevedra, Logroño, Valencia (Príncipe Felipe Research Centre and the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Valencia), and Elche. FGCSIC has granted the exhibition to senior living facility THE COMM (one of its main partners in the ESVITAL project), so from now on, it can be visited in l’Alfàs del Pi, where the organisation has its main headquarters.

The Managing Director of Fundación General CSIC, Ramón Torrecillas, has emphasized that “the primary objective of the exhibition is to provide society with a scientific perspective on longevity and healthy aging from an optimistic and didactic standpoint”. The exhibition takes a journey through the processes that are part of our aging, both as individuals and as a society, and glimpses the profound social changes that will result from the aging population, presenting significant challenges to which science and innovation must respond.

Following the official inauguration and the visit, an event was held at the headquarters of THE COMM, presided over by its director Rafael Miró. Three lectures were delivered by Cristina Reig Gourlot, Geriatric Consultant Physician, Project Manager at Biocon (a company affiliated with Fundación General CSIC in the ESVITAL project); Marian Alesón Carbonell (Director of the Permanent University of the University of Alicante and President of AEPUM); Alonso Soler Gomis (Permanent University and President of AGM); and Luis Morant, Councilor for Tourism, Environment, and Beaches in L’Alfàs del Pi.

In order to expand its audience limitlessly and ensure its longevity, Fundación General CSIC created the digital version of “Make the most of life, you’ve only got 100 years” based on the content and structure of the physical version. Accessible to anyone interested and from any electronic device, it is available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. It provides the opportunity to broaden knowledge through additional content and offers an enriching and diverse experience by including numerous podcasts, documentary videos on specific aspects, as well as interactive games.

Parallel to the exhibition, THE COMM will organize talks and additional educational activities in collaboration with the City Council of L’Alfàs del Pi. These dynamics will address habits and good practices that contribute to healthy aging, making a call to individual and collective responsibility to take care of ourselves and others, in pursuit of a society where older people can enjoy a fuller and happier life.